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01: Ocean Adventure Subic Bay

Assalamu Alaikom!

The original plan was to have a side trip to Vigan, Ilocos after the convention but due to Typhoon Lawin, the travel agency that we contacted didn’t accommodate us. Meanwhile, a friend of Ate Mila and Kuya Doc (and now our friend too), Sir Charles Basuel who is a humble millionaire and a very generous man invited us for breakfast at his house in Clark. To our surprise, we didn’t expect he’ll bring us to Subic. OMG!


We’re beyond blessed to have met Sir Charles.
–Amazing Se7en–

And the breakfast is served…. :p

Aside from this super yummy shrimp, we’re also served with fried eggs & beef bulalo. :p
The one in yellow is our generous sponsor.

After our early lunch, we jumped off for our trip to Subic.. It’s a 2-hour drive from Clark. We’re glad that the weather was fine that time. At 11:45 we arrived in Subic and went straight to Ocean Adventure. It’s Sir Charles’ treat. 🙂



1st Show: Sea Lion Marine Patrol

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2nd Show: Wild World

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3rd Show: Aman Sinaya – Legend of the Ocean

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4th and Last Show: Dolphin Tales

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My favorites are the Dolphin Tales and Aman Sinaya. It’s great that they do not only offer entertainment but they taught us lessons to be humane to sea creatures.


-The Group Pictures-

We left Subic at 5:30PM. To sum-up, it was a marvelous experience..

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“First PASWI Experience”

In the Name of ALLAH, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful..

It’s been a while since my last blog entry. I didn’t know what came to my mind to find the comfort of making an entry. But anyways, I just want to share how GREAT my whole PASWI experience was…

It was in the last week of September when my senior colleagues asked me if I’m interested to attend the PASWI to be held in Pampanga come October 19-21. And since I’m the person who can hardly say NO, I said I’ll see if I can go. October has come and they asked me again of my decision. They convinced me to attend because they said it’s like a very rare opportunity for us Social Workers and another thing is our Boss Ma’am Corinne will attend also. My worries were: first, we have a prior plan of going to Cebu with my batchmates and second (w/c is more rational reason) was I’ve no enough money. 😦 Alhamdulillah I was able to source out money from generous sponsors and one of them was the Acting Mayor of Malabang Kuya Raiz. Yippeee!!! Pampanga…… I’m coming!!!!:)

October 18, 2016

I got up as early as 3AM, had a cup of coffee and afterwards I took a bath and then prayed. We will be leaving for Laguindingan Airport at 5AM since our flight was scheduled 11:30AM. We departed at almost 6AM. I gave my mom tight hugs and kisses before I stepped in the car. I was feeling excited and at the same time nervous. I can’t believe I’m really going to Metro and finally… finally.. finally I CAN RIDE AN AIRPLANE.. Funny and unbelievable right?? But yes, it’s really my very first time to ride an airplane (and my cousin Lyz too). Hahaha!

We arrived at airport earlier than our boarding time. We checked-in our baggage and waited for our flight. And I’m still feeling nervous. My parents were texting me the entire time and constantly reminding me to take extra care. Mom & Pang, I’m old enough. Lol. Finally we’re about to fly, yahooo!! My cousin and I pretended that it was not our first time and we acted like a pro. Haha.

My first boarding pass. 🙂

After few minutes of being in the air (literally), snacks were served.

Delectable snack paired with coffee (not in the picture)..
Selfie with Lyz and Ate Mila. 🙂

The entire flight was awesome, I kept on photographing the sky and everything I saw outside my window. Luckily, I was seated in the window side of the plane. I didn’t mind the air turbulence that we had experienced because I was overwhelmed with the view outside which was nothing but sea of clouds.

AMAZING!!!! So beautiful!!

I was relieved by the announcement made that we’re about to land. OMG, this is it!!! I texted my parents that we safely arrived and finally after 13 years, I’m here in Metro again.

This is us! The Amazing Se7en waiting outside NAIA for our grab-a-car.

It took us 2-3 hours waiting for our car and stuck in traffic for another 2 hours. Hell yeah, we’re really in Metro. We arrived at bus station that will transport us to Pampanga at 6PM. Took our dinner first at Chowking (because it’s our only choice) and then traveled to Pampanga.

L-R: Maisah, Abe, Lyz and Me. It feels great to be reunited with Kurot Maisah.

From Manila to Dau, Pampanga was a 2 and a half hour drive. We finally reached the venue of our convention at 10 in the evening. What a tiring day!!!

Finally!!! We’re here at Royce Hotel & Casino. (excuse our haggard faces)

Muntik pa hindi makapag-check-in kase fully-booked but God is so good kase na-accommodate din kami. 🙂

October 19, 2016

1st day of our convention. Took our breakfast and we’re lucky to have Kuya Bong who facilitated our registration.


Inside our kit…
Our obligatory group pix (insert Kuya Bong)
DSWD National Secretary Taguiwalo graced the event. Yay!!!
ARMM delegates’ photo-op with Sec.
Selfie!!! Yay!!

—– —— ——

Meanwhile at night:

We explored the area (Clark Free Port Zone, Pampanga)

Dined at Burger King…

We had so much of laughing moments here. Those were for keeps!!!

Last stop before hitting the sacks. Coffee-ing at Starbucks.

October 20 & 21, 2016

Last days of the convention..

Anyway before this blog post ends, I’ll share what PASWI is..

The Philippine Association of Social Workers (PASW) was founded on November 12, 1947, and incorporated on April 18, 1948. It was re-incorporated with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on October 18, 1988, changing its name to Philippine Association of Social Workers, Incorporates (PASWI).

PASWI is the only professional organization of social workers accredited by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). it is a member of the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW), and a charter member of the Philippine Social Science Council (PSSC). Source: Official PASWI website

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Thank God! You’re worthy of all the physical and financial efforts. I earned 19 CPD Units.

And before finally leaving Pampanga…………

Facade of the hotel.

Thank you Royce for everything. If given a chance again, I shall return. Pampanga is a beautiful and very clean place. It’s not like the typical cities in Luzon. I had so much fun.

In shaa Allah, I’ll be attending next PASWIs. Thank you to all our Resource Persons for sharing with us lectures that would add-up to our learning. The whole experience is something that money can’t buy. It’s a beautiful investment.

I’ll be posting in my next entry about the sidetrips that we had. 🙂

Jazzakallahu Khayran! 🙂

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April is LOVE!


I’m so glad that the best time of the year has come. I’m welcoming you April with arms wide open. For years, you never fail to bring me so much of good memories that are worthy to be kept for a lifetime. Time is really flying damn so fast and the fact that I’m not getting any younger anymore. Oh, life. I love you. Thanks for being so wonderful. 

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Roses 214

Currently playing: Youth by Troye Sivan

I had a strange feeling when I received a bouquet of flowers from someone who is not even my boyfriend on the night of February 14 (lovers call it Valentine’s Day). Well of course I got the “kilig” feeling because it was entirely unexpected.😍

I got out off the bouquet the six pink roses and decided to preserve it. It’s a memory worthy to be kept. To the person who gave it to me, THANK YOU! You didn’t know how happy I was. I consider you as one of those few friends that I’ll cherish forever.


with love, A. 🙂

Isn’t it beautiful?
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20 Random Facts About Me


  1. I am 27 and the only child of my parents.
  2. Introvert. I always find peace in solitude.
  3. I prefer writing than speaking in public.
  4. My friends/cousins best describe me as “lazy”. Well hmm.
  5. Apathetic but Kind.
  6. I don’t know how to swim. I feel so isolated when all my friends are rejoicing sea waters or pools while I’m at the sea shore and gutters. 😦
  7. My memory is very slow at remembering places and directions and that’s the reason why I fear of traveling alone because I may get lost.
  8. Rice na mi toyo. Forever fave!
  9. Country is my fave genre of music. I listened to Alison Krauss, Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley, Sheryl Crow, Blake Shelton, Sara Evans, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift and Lady Antebellum. Other than country, I have my own brand of songs that I listen to.
  10. I wish I could visit Paris.
  11. I love milk tea, pasta, potato and pizza.
  12. LeBron James is my definition of basketball. I’m a FAN!
  13. Can sing a little and can play guitar a little.
  14. Once declared as “master bowler”. #modestyaside
  15. Bibliophile, pluviophile and star gazer.
  16. Coffee addict. I drink coffee at anytime of the day whenever my nerve needs it.
  17. I can’t handle HORROR movies.
  18. I’m honest to everyone except for my mom. Haha. She’s the kind of very strict person and doesn’t allow me to do hangout especially if it’s an out of town trip with my friends. I’ve no choice but to lie. (Forgive me mom!)
  19. I used to buy notebooks (with attractive designs) that I don’t actually use.
  20. I get skin rashes easily from wearing anything made of metal (watches, necklace, bracelets) and from eating too much chicken.
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The Story of My Name

Our names are our distinct and unique recognition. I remember our college instructor who said that our names are the best sound that we could hear. It’s like a music to our ears.
Everyone’s name has a story to tell. Some got their names from a beautiful or handsome celebrity, a beauty queen who won a title, a good public leader, a person that was being admired most by parents, etc. When I was young, I asked my mom from where she got my name and why she gave that name to me? She shared first a quite long story. When she gave birth to me, they almost died when they were rushing to the hospital. The car almost overturned because of bad weather and the way to the hospital was steep, muddy and slippery but thank God they reached the hospital safely. With her were her brother, male cousin who happened to be her sister’s husband, two aunties and the midwife. My father was in Saudi that time for work. My mom had undergone caesarian operation and the doctor found tumor in her ovary and that’s also the reason why she was not able to bear child again. My mom said that it was her and my uncle who gave my name to me. When my uncle asked my mom what name she wanted to gave me, she said Almerah. A combination of my father’s name Ali and her name Amerah. It became Bai Almerah because my uncle suggested to add my mom’s name Baira but cut it short to “Bai”..

My name is Bai Almerah Marohombsar Ergas, RSW.💋