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An Appreciation Post To My Super Mom 👸🏻

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

I wrote this to express the amount of gratitude I have for you through the years of my existence. I know that my “thank you” will never be enough and I can never repay you but know that you’re on top of my priority list and you are always in my duaa.

Thank you for inspiring me to become the person I am today. You’ve been my number one support system since day 1.

Thank you for providing me with my needs because you’re not tolerating my wants.😂 Although I am already earning, you never opted out from your responsibility of being a mother to me. Thank you for being my savior financially when my pocket ran out of money because my salary always comes late.

Thank you for being the sugar and creamer to my coffee.

Thank you for being my best friend.

Thank you for that last piece of cake that you actually want but gave it to me instead. I appreciate all those selfless act that you did for me and unmindful of being left with an empty hand just to see me happy.

Thank you for saying “yes” to all my travels with my friends. I know it’s a little bit hard on your part to say yes but you don’t want me to get hurt. I’m already grown up that’s why it annoys me sometimes (✌🏻) when I’m on travel and you’re constantly asking me of my whereabouts and that I should update you from time to time if we arrived and returned safely from our travel destinations and whenever I fail to reply a single text, you bombarded my friends with texts why I can’t reply to you. Forever a baby, not entitled of absolute freedom.😞🤪 That’s probably the downside of being an only child.

But Mom, I’m not a perfect daughter. I know I also hurt your feelings but always grateful for exceeding your patience towards my not-that-so-bad attitude.😜

Thank you for everything, mom!

I owe you more than I could ever give you and so I swear and promise to take care and love you always and forever.❤️


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“#SongSongCouple from REEL to REAL”

I woke up today and just like how my usual days go, I grabbed a cup of coffee, lie in our couch and check on my social media accounts. Surprisingly, I saw a post about SJK and SHK getting married. At first it didn’t catch my attention because I’m used to fans creating buzz about them which is not actually true. A few hours after, whoah! #SongSongCouple related posts are all over my Facebook and Twitter feeds. I’ve had mixed emotions; masaya na malungkot, malungkot na masaya but definitely kinikilig!! But before arriving at my concluding statement, I’ll tell you how these two affect my entire being.

Song Hye Kyo is not new to me. I’ve known her since high school days when she starred in Endless Love. But for Song Joong Ki, it was only in May last year when I watched his drama Descendants of the Sun with SHK. According to my friend, SJK have already starred in many Korean Dramas before but I’m not really fond of watching that’s why I’m not familiar with him and Lee Min Ho was my first love then. Prior to watching the KDrama (DOTS), I’ve been hearing positive feedbacks thru social media. Most of my friends were posting about how they feel for every single episode. I got curious. I even bought a DVD of it in a sidewalk heading Gaisano Mall but I wasn’t able to watch it because I found myself busy (kuno). One afternoon at the office, I can hear my colleagues talking about the drama. Nakiusyoso din ako and asked if the drama is really good. One of them said; “ey ate bantayi nga adna copy aknun complete so 16 episodes”. Right away, she handed me her external hard disk and let me copy the KDrama series. I think it even took me 2 weeks to have finally decided to watch the series and the rest is history. What will you expect?? Haha. Ask a single person who have watched the series and they’ll give you same feels. I finished the entire series for four days I think and honestly until now, I haven’t moved on. I’ve re-watched it for more that million times already. Wala na akong ibang pinanood dahil ayoko palitan ang DOTS sa puso ko because I fell in love to the character of Big Boss. Hehe. When my mom would sneak inside my room and sees me watching, she’ll say, “di ka san kas’mo bantay?”. “Oay mommy, diako saya  kas’mo forever”. Haha.

I fell in love with the series not because the actors were handsome and beautiful but I fell for the story and to the characters. The role suits them best and they have portrayed it very well.

*I’m taking a deep breath*

So ayun na nga. All the fans are shipping for #SongSongCouple and who would have thought that today, they’ll broke the internet for the pronouncement of their marriage in October. Omayghad!!! Grabe sila manurpresa ng fans. Pasabog talaga! I have yet to feel another heart break. I’m a bit jealous because of my immense admiration for SJK. Nonetheless, I’m very happy because it’s SHK. The two are my favorite Korean stars. I hope this is really true and I’m looking forward to their wedding in October and witness a happy life to unfold for them. Congratulations, SJK and SHK! You’re the best!! 🙂

Love at first sight 🙂
This was their first meeting. Big Boss got the eyes of Dr. Kang.
Dr. Kang getting stood up again because Big Boss has to go to the department store. Lol.
That thing you called FATE…
Love and Happiness.

Love always,

Almie 🙂

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Ramadan 1438

Soon as my mom told me that the moon has been sighted and it’ll mark the end of Ramadan, I swear my heart became heavy and it’s like being filled with positive sadness.💔I never felt this before, I’ve never been this sad. Ya Rabb, You and I knew how was my imaan the entire month of Ramadan. There’s this guilt feeling when I know I didn’t make the most of what I can do. I’m very sorry. I’m praying that my fasts and prayers will be accepted despite my weakness. My heart is really breaking this time. I promise Ya Rabb that even though Ramadan is over, I’ll still continue to do good and will do with my utmost strength those things that please You most. I need Your guidance and please don’t leave me with my own self. I can’t make it without You Ya Rabb! Forgive my parents, those people close to my heart and lastly, forgive me Ya Rabb!! I acknowledge my sins and I sincerely regret every bit of it and I also sincerely ask for forgiveness. Until the next Ramadan. I hope that we’ll be able to experience it again in good health by Your will.



PS: (drafted 6.24.17 9:18PM)

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World Hijab Day 2017💜

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetBy putting my veil on, it’s for My Maker to be pleased with me. I am not in my 100% (not even 50% maybe) as a practicing Muslim, I have flaws and inclined to commit mistakes but God knows how much I am trying. Only Him is my witness.🙏🏻
#WorldHijabDay #iStand4Hijab

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What About Love?

It was just a normal day for Atasha in the office. She’s scrolling through her facebook newsfeed when she came across a certain post from her favorite blogger featuring someone, who works in special forces. He’s a good-looking guy and she thought (maybe) they are of the same age. Right away Atasha clicked and viewed his profile. She learned some interesting things about him which made her admire him even more. It was an admiration at first sight. And by the way, Atasha found his name unique. His name is Robinhood.

Since then, she thinks of him often. She thought what if in the future, they’ll end up with each other (but at the back of her mind, she whispers: “in my dreams”). Weird because he doesn’t know her, he doesn’t know she exists.💔💔

In one event during one of Atasha’s friends wedding, she saw a familiar face. Omg, her heart started to beat faster. He was there. Robinhood was really there. Later she knew that the groom is a close friend of him. She can feel that she’s blushing but she have to compose herself and strongly hold her feelings inside. She’s looking at him from afar, he’s so handsome.😍💞 Nobody in the group know about him and no one had noticed that she’s in cloud9 that time. Nonetheless, Atasha is very happy that she gets to see him in person.

Months have passed, her feelings for him is quietly fading. It’s not impossible because you know that thing called “crush”.. She said to herself, “crush lang naman talaga and nothing more than that. Asa ka pa, hindi ka naman nia kilala.” #ouch #thathurts

One lazy Sunday afternoon, she thought of viewing again his facebook profile (to rekindle the feelings?? Lol). He recently changed his profile picture and Atasha got “kilig” because she also have the picture of the same spot where he took his and what’s more nakakakilig is they have the same caption to that picture. Only that Atasha uploaded that same photo on her Instagram account. So what do you call that thing? Atasha asking herself. Coincidence?? Fate?? (Ayan na naman, aasa ka naman bes!)😂😍😭💕❤️💔❤️

Atasha took a deep breath and said to herself that whatever is in store for her and Robinhood in the future, she’s looking forward to it. God is the best planner. Atasha opened her journal and wrote:

Dear Robinhood, you’re lucky because you have an admirer who’s as amazing as me (chos!). Don’t worry self, this too shall pass. Great things are yet to come!


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Things That Make Me HAPPY!😊

I consider myself as a person who’s happiness is shallow. I laugh hard at funny expressions and even at corny jokes. I found happiness even to small things and so I thought of coming up with a list of everything that makes me happy. Here it goes..


having a cup of coffee
smelling coffee’s aroma
seeing stars in the sky
reading a good book
being offered with a seat/candy/etc.
an answered prayers
having moved on from a heart break
late night conversations
when weekend comes
when I see my parents smiling
laughing with my mom
recognized hard work
receiving my salary
deep talks
writing random thoughts
listening to Coldplay’s songs/Coldplay’s being randomly played over the radio
when it’s raining and you’re at home
when your favorite NBA team won championship
laughing with my friends
seeing an old friend
finished report before deadline hits
having a new pair of shoes
having a clean room
strolling around bookstore
laughing with people I love
unplanned trips
satisfied food cravings
taking pictures, capturing moments
random texts/calls
laying down after a long and hard day
family bonding/reunion
helping people
being complimented
being loved

And you’ve read mine. So what’s yours?

Happiness is a choice, so choose to let go of things that frustrate you and enjoy life.💫 Stay happy & always radiate positive vibes!!💋

Love always,


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02: Art In Island 3D Museum

Night of October 21, we’re back in Manila! We’re very much lucky because Sir Charles let us stay at his condo unit in Grand Riviera Suites (Alhamdulillah we don’t need to spend a buck!). Since we still have couple of days before returning to our place of origin (Malabang), we thought of places to go in Metro. Lyz arranged our itinerary for our 2-day stroll in Metro.

Proposed IT was: (Day1 – Art in Island, Mckinley Hill; Day2 – MOA, Divi, EK or Star City and Comedy Bar at night).

Art In Island is the biggest 3D Museum in Asia with regards to the number of 3D paintings and is located in Cubao, Quezon City. Admission is P500 for adults and P400 for students, PWDs, and Senior Citizens. Children below 3 feet are free. They also have a Birthday Promo (free entrance on your birthday, a day before, and a day after) and a Group Promo (minimum of 15 pax gets 20% off).

We visited the museum on October 22 and reached the place at 11AM.

You’re allowed to be barefooted but better to have your socks on since they will let you deposit your shoes at the receiving area. Upon entering the museum, you’ll be amazed of how wide, clean and cool (literal) the place is.

What makes this museum unique is you become part of the art and you need to be creative in your poses. Thanks to my cousin Lyz who photographed me and these were among the pictures that I had in the museum.

This monster wanted to swallow me. Oh no! Help!
I’m innocent! Free me!
And I still managed to smile. Haha.
One of my faves!
And this too! I loved it!


Hakot na!!!💵💴💰💶💷

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Group picture outside the museum.


So much fun we had here at Art In Island. Tiring but it’s worth it!! 🙂