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Things That Make Me HAPPY!😊

I consider myself as a person who’s happiness is shallow. I laugh hard at funny expressions and even at corny jokes. I found happiness even to small things and so I thought of coming up with a list of everything that makes me happy. Here it goes..


having a cup of coffee
smelling coffee’s aroma
seeing stars in the sky
reading a good book
being offered with a seat/candy/etc.
an answered prayers
having moved on from a heart break
late night conversations
when weekend comes
when I see my parents smiling
laughing with my mom
recognized hard work
receiving my salary
deep talks
writing random thoughts
listening to Coldplay’s songs/Coldplay’s being randomly played over the radio
when it’s raining and you’re at home
when your favorite NBA team won championship
laughing with my friends
seeing an old friend
finished report before deadline hits
having a new pair of shoes
having a clean room
strolling around bookstore
laughing with people I love
unplanned trips
satisfied food cravings
taking pictures, capturing moments
random texts/calls
laying down after a long and hard day
family bonding/reunion
helping people
being complimented
being loved

And you’ve read mine. So what’s yours?

Happiness is a choice, so choose to let go of things that frustrate you and enjoy life.πŸ’« Stay happy & always radiate positive vibes!!πŸ’‹

Love always,




I am a woman of dreams. Self-confessed introvert; I am not anti-social it's just that I am selectively social. I'm not a fan of interacting for the sake of interacting. I find peace in solitude. Apathetic but I'm kind. Pizza, pasta, potato would sum up my happiness. Welcome to my world!!:)

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