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01: Ocean Adventure Subic Bay

Assalamu Alaikom!

The original plan was to have a side trip to Vigan, Ilocos after the convention but due to Typhoon Lawin, the travel agency that we contacted didn’t accommodate us. Meanwhile, a friend of Ate Mila and Kuya Doc (and now our friend too), Sir Charles Basuel who is a humble millionaire and a very generous man invited us for breakfast at his house in Clark. To our surprise, we didn’t expect he’ll bring us to Subic. OMG!


We’re beyond blessed to have met Sir Charles.
–Amazing Se7en–

And the breakfast is served…. :p

Aside from this super yummy shrimp, we’re also served with fried eggs & beef bulalo. :p
The one in yellow is our generous sponsor.

After our early lunch, we jumped off for our trip to Subic.. It’s a 2-hour drive from Clark. We’re glad that the weather was fine that time. At 11:45 we arrived in Subic and went straight to Ocean Adventure. It’s Sir Charles’ treat. 🙂



1st Show: Sea Lion Marine Patrol

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2nd Show: Wild World

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3rd Show: Aman Sinaya – Legend of the Ocean

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4th and Last Show: Dolphin Tales

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My favorites are the Dolphin Tales and Aman Sinaya. It’s great that they do not only offer entertainment but they taught us lessons to be humane to sea creatures.


-The Group Pictures-

We left Subic at 5:30PM. To sum-up, it was a marvelous experience..



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