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April is LOVE!


I’m so glad that the best time of the year has come. I’m welcoming you April with arms wide open. For years, you never fail to bring me so much of good memories that are worthy to be kept for a lifetime. Time is really flying damn so fast and the fact that I’m not getting any younger anymore. Oh, life. I love you. Thanks for being so wonderful. 



I am a woman of dreams. Self-confessed introvert; I am not anti-social it's just that I am selectively social. I'm not a fan of interacting for the sake of interacting. I find peace in solitude. Apathetic but I'm kind. Pizza, pasta, potato would sum up my happiness. Welcome to my world!!:)

2 thoughts on “April is LOVE!

  1. Hello Ms. Bai Almerah. I have come to meet your blog by searching your name in Google. I’ve seen your ID picture and you looked like my old friend.. there’s so much resemblance that i became interested in knowing you. BTW, im Sharmaine. I work at DSWD ARMM regional office. hope you’re having a fine day! 🙂

    P.S. I find your blog cute… make me wanna make one too. 😀


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