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20 Random Facts About Me


  1. I am 27 and the only child of my parents.
  2. Introvert. I always find peace in solitude.
  3. I prefer writing than speaking in public.
  4. My friends/cousins best describe me as “lazy”. Well hmm.
  5. Apathetic but Kind.
  6. I don’t know how to swim. I feel so isolated when all my friends are rejoicing sea waters or pools while I’m at the sea shore and gutters. 😦
  7. My memory is very slow at remembering places and directions and that’s the reason why I fear of traveling alone because I may get lost.
  8. Rice na mi toyo. Forever fave!
  9. Country is my fave genre of music. I listened to Alison Krauss, Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley, Sheryl Crow, Blake Shelton, Sara Evans, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift and Lady Antebellum. Other than country, I have my own brand of songs that I listen to.
  10. I wish I could visit Paris.
  11. I love milk tea, pasta, potato and pizza.
  12. LeBron James is my definition of basketball. I’m a FAN!
  13. Can sing a little and can play guitar a little.
  14. Once declared as “master bowler”. #modestyaside
  15. Bibliophile, pluviophile and star gazer.
  16. Coffee addict. I drink coffee at anytime of the day whenever my nerve needs it.
  17. I can’t handle HORROR movies.
  18. I’m honest to everyone except for my mom. Haha. She’s the kind of very strict person and doesn’t allow me to do hangout especially if it’s an out of town trip with my friends. I’ve no choice but to lie. (Forgive me mom!)
  19. I used to buy notebooks (with attractive designs) that I don’t actually use.
  20. I get skin rashes easily from wearing anything made of metal (watches, necklace, bracelets) and from eating too much chicken.


I am a woman of dreams. Self-confessed introvert; I am not anti-social it's just that I am selectively social. I'm not a fan of interacting for the sake of interacting. I find peace in solitude. Apathetic but I'm kind. Pizza, pasta, potato would sum up my happiness. Welcome to my world!!:)

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