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The Story of My Name

Our names are our distinct and unique recognition. I remember our college instructor who said that our names are the best sound that we could hear. It’s like a music to our ears.
Everyone’s name has a story to tell. Some got their names from a beautiful or handsome celebrity, a beauty queen who won a title, a good public leader, a person that was being admired most by parents, etc. When I was young, I asked my mom from where she got my name and why she gave that name to me? She shared first a quite long story. When she gave birth to me, they almost died when they were rushing to the hospital. The car almost overturned because of bad weather and the way to the hospital was steep, muddy and slippery but thank God they reached the hospital safely. With her were her brother, male cousin who happened to be her sister’s husband, two aunties and the midwife. My father was in Saudi that time for work. My mom had undergone caesarian operation and the doctor found tumor in her ovary and that’s also the reason why she was not able to bear child again. My mom said that it was her and my uncle who gave my name to me. When my uncle asked my mom what name she wanted to gave me, she said Almerah. A combination of my father’s name Ali and her name Amerah. It became Bai Almerah because my uncle suggested to add my mom’s name Baira but cut it short to “Bai”..

My name is Bai Almerah Marohombsar Ergas, RSW.💋



I am a woman of dreams. Self-confessed introvert; I am not anti-social it's just that I am selectively social. I'm not a fan of interacting for the sake of interacting. I find peace in solitude. Apathetic but I'm kind. Pizza, pasta, potato would sum up my happiness. Welcome to my world!!:)

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